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The Inn at Half Moon Bay

It wasn't exactly what she'd had in mind when she decided to become an innkeeper, but Kelly Redvers can't resist the charm of the old inn on the cliffs above the ocean. She leaves her high-powered career behind and begins a new life in Half Moon Bay, where she finds herself doted-on by the older couple who runs the place, courted by one of the inn's handsome and wealthy regulars, and teased unmercifully by the exasperating (yet decidedly sexy) guy who takes care of the inn's building projects. Kelly soon learns the old Queen Anne house and cottages conceal secrets of a sinister past, and when she sets out to uncover its mysteries, she finds herself in a battle of wits with an unseen enemy.

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On Winding Hill Road

At the end of Winding Hill Road, surrounded by woods of oak and wild rose and isolated behind an imposing stone wall, is the estate of the mysterious Gatien Defalle. It's also the new home of Sarah Logan, who has accepted a position as companion to Gatien's young daughter May. Oddly wise beyond her years, Sarah's puzzling charge is far from being a child. Puzzling, too, is Gatien himself, so silent about his wife's strange death, and the whispers and suggestions that it was something far more sinister than suicide.

Fascinated by the dangerously attractive and enigmatic Gatien, Sarah finds herself risking more than her heart. For the closer she gets to this man, the closer she gets to the threatening Defalle family secrets waiting to claim their next victim…

Diane Tyrrel is a writer living in Northern California.

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Berkley Sensation
ISBN 0-425-19477-9

On the Edge of the Woods

It was a white elephant of a house - a turn-of-the-century rambling manor in the shadows of the Sierras, full of intriguing nooks and crannies, rich with architectural details and delights. Architect Stacy Addison knew that she had come home the moment she saw it. And even though it needed months of renovations, nothing would stop Stacy from buying this beautiful house on the edge of a fairy tale-like forest.



"On the Edge of the Woods marks the memorable fiction debut of an author in striking command of all the gripping essentials. Tyrrel offers up likable, compelling characters; vivid settings; a host of stormy and steamy relationships; and a chilling mysterious thread that keeps the reader turning pages until the shocking twist ending." - Judith Kelman

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